Safety butterfly valve arrangement

Update:27 Jun 2019

The safety valve is the optimal overpressure protection […]

The safety valve is the optimal overpressure protection device for pressure equipment, vessels and pipelines. When the pressure of the medium rises above the allowable value, the safety valve is automatically opened and then discharged in full quantity to prevent the pressure from rising continuously, thus protecting the equipment and its operation. Personnel safety; when the pressure is reduced to the specified value, the safety valve is automatically closed in time to prevent the medium from continuing to drain and reduce losses. Since the safety valve is an automatic valve, it is often used as the last protection device for pressurized equipment. In this sense, its role cannot be replaced by other protective devices.


Safety butterfly valve arrangement


The safety valve should be installed upright and as close as possible to the equipment or piping being protected. If not close to the arrangement, the total pressure drop from the protected equipment or piping to the safety valve inlet shall not exceed 3% of the relief valve pressure rating or 1/3 of the maximum allowable opening and closing pressure differential (in two The smaller of these is the quasi), and the pressure drop causes the safety valve to frequently jump. The method used to reduce the pressure drop of the pipeline commonly used in engineering practice is to reduce the total pressure drop of the pipeline by appropriately expanding the inlet diameter of the safety valve, using a long radius elbow, reducing the number of elbows, and the like.


The installation position of the safety valve should mainly consider the convenience of maintenance. Therefore, the safety valve should be equipped with an inspection platform, which can facilitate the piping and facilitate regular inspection, maintenance and calibration of the safety valve. When arranging a heavy-duty safety valve, it is necessary to consider the possibility of lifting the safety valve after disassembly. If necessary, install a boom and reserve the site and space for inspection and maintenance. In engineering practice, it is common practice to install a safety valve on the top of the pipe gallery. In this way, on the one hand, it is higher than the venting main pipe, and on the other hand, the safety valve is arranged in the top layer of the pipe porch to facilitate maintenance.


If it is difficult to install on the container body due to special reasons, it may be considered to be installed on the outlet pipe. However, the structure between the safety valve installation and the container should avoid sudden turning and partial contraction, etc. Resistance, causing accumulation of dirt and other conditions.


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