Suitable occasions for electric butterfly valves

Update:13 Aug 2019

Because the movement of the electric butterfly valve di […]

Because the movement of the electric butterfly valve disc is wielding, most butterfly valves can be used for media with suspended solid particles and can be used for powdered and granular media depending on the strength of the seal.

The butterfly valve has a small structural length and overall height, and has a fast opening and closing speed. When fully opened, it has a small fluid resistance. When it is opened to between about 15° and 70°, it can perform active flow control. The structural principle of the butterfly valve is suitable for making large diameter valves.

The electric butterfly valve manufacturer believes that the butterfly valve is recommended under the following working conditions:

1. Requires saving, conditioning and control flow;

2. Mud medium and medium containing solid particles;

3. Where the valve structure length is required to be short;

4. requirements for fast opening and closing occasions;

5. When the pressure difference is small.

Butterfly valves can be used in the two-position conditioning, shrinking channels, low noise, gas and gasification, leakage to the atmosphere, and abrasive media.

Specially designed metal sealing tape conditioning device for triple or partial pain when using butterfly valve under special conditions Butterfly valve.

The signal butterfly valve is driven by the worm gear and the rotating shaft and the disc to complete the opening and closing and control flow. Rotating the worm gear of the worm gear to make the disc achieve the purpose of opening and closing and conditioning and saving. The handwheel rotates clockwise to close the valve.

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