Valve Maintenance Guide

Update:14 Sep 2018

        1. Valves stored for future use should be exami […]

        1. Valves stored for future use should be examined periodically. Their machining surfaces exposed to air have to remain clean. For ball valves, ports of either side should be stuffed and stored in open position. For gate valves, globe valves and check valves, ports of either side should also be stuffed, but stored in close position. Please put the valves in the indoor cool place. Don't pile them up in mess and store outdoors.

        2. Prior to installation, please check the pressure mark on the valves and see whether the port meet your application requirements. Take care of the delivery process to avoid impact that causes defections.

        3. For installation, direct connect the valves to the pipeline at any position that is easy to operate and maintain. Please note that the flow direction of the medium inside globe valves goes from lower position to the higher position. Lift check valve is only allowed to install horizontally.

        4. When operating ball valvescheck valves and gate valves, only fully open or fully close is allowed. Don't take them as throttle valves because it will make sealing face worn by fluid, accelerating abrasion. There are back seal devices inside the gate valves and outside screw check valves. So rotating handwheel to extreme upper position can prevent the medium from leakage.

        5. Use hand wheels to open and close ball valves, check valves and gate valves. Don't use leverage or other tools which may damage the components. Turn handwheel clockwise to close the valves, and turn handwheel counterclockwise to open the valves.

        6. Turn the packing gland nuts evenly to avoid stem wear or tear. The stem damage will cause movement or leakage problems.

        7. Always keep the valves clean during usage. The transmission screw must be lubricated periodically. When malfunction occurs, stop operating right away, figure out the problems and fix it.

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